I love spring and all its wonders.  My friend created a cute butterfly book today and shared with me.  Since she isn't part of bloggy world, I asked if I could share! 
Butterfly Book

If you are in the middle of life cycles then I have a cute little pack perfect for organizing student observations!  I've used this file for several years!  The excitement never gets old!  


I featured a few additional activities in the pack above.  Just click the first image to link to the unit!

In addition to our journals, we create a pasta life cycle!  This seems to be the kids favorite project!  The kids are amazed by the simplest things! 



Mrs.M said...

Awesome!! I love all this butterfly stuff going around! Thanks!

S. Parker said...

My kids are so excited about butterflies. We have two in the pupa stage right now. I just hope we see them hatch. We are studying compound words this week. We are going to make them out of butterflies. :)