Friday, March 11, 2011

A Touch of Technology...

I have been working on a button for hours.  Silly, I know!  

I found a free photo editor online.  To created the graphics, I used Power Point. Once the button was how I desired, I uploaded the image to imgur.  The code below is what you'll need to create the linkable button. 

<center><a href="http://YOUR WEB ADDRESS/" target="_blank" title="BLOG TITLE"><img alt="BLOG TITLE" src="http://IMAGE WEB ADDRESS"/></a> <center></center><center><textarea id="code-source" rows="3" cols="13" name="code-source"><center><a href="http://YOUR WEB ADDRESS/"><img border="0" src="http://IMAGE WEB ADDRESS"/></a></center></textarea></center>

Don't forget to fill in the red, blue, and green components of the code with your web addresses and blog title.  To add a button to your sidebar, you'll need to open your account options in your blog design and add the html gadget. 

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S. Parker said...

I've been wondering how to do this for a while. Thought Ladybug would tell us how. You best her to it. Looks great! Have to get a new computer before I can make mine.

Happy weekend! :)

Mrs. Saoud said...

I hope Ladybug makes a post on creating a button. She most likely has a cool program to enhance the graphics and visuals to go along with her instructions. Folks like me need the differentiation! HINT HINT, CLUE CLUE! Like a fool, I tried over and over to take my fabulous header she created and turn it into a button. My creativity is limited!


First Grade Best said...

Thank you! I've been wanting to do this as well!

Mrs. Saoud said...

I guess I wasn't a fool. I played around with the image sizes until, SUCCESS! The image is a little smooshed but I am happy for now!!

Mrs. Lutton said...

You and I have too much in common!! I was struggling my way through making a button but bit the bullet and ordered one from The Cutest Blog on the Block. They whipped up a sassy one for me. It is a little large for now but I'm hoping they will shrink it down for me. Yours looks awesome!! Ladybug is too cool!


Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

sailingintofirstgrade said...

THANKS! The directions are clear and easy! I can't wait to make one! I can do it because you have empowered me! Thanks for making mine! You are one in a million and I appreciate you sharing!

Workshop Classroom said...

This post was very beneficial...thank you!!

Mrs. M said...

I have the immage put in but I don't have that nice white box under it. Is this part of that code?

Ms. Garber said...

Great! how do you post a button on your blog?

Mrs. Saoud said...

When posting a button, you will need to select design in the top right corner of your blog. Add a HTML gadget. You will need to copy and paste the modified code from above to save on your sidebar.

If you are posting the grab button in a post, you will need to select the Edit HTML tab above your post (instead of compose).

You will have a modified code if you do not want the grab box. Let me know if that's the problem.

Andi said...

I am failing! I've been able to add the little box with the code, but no image. I don't know where in the code I'm making my mistake. Any ideas?

Mrs. M said...

It took me awhile but I think I got it! Thank you for the help!

Andi - the problem I had was I had spaces where they shouldn't be. This was because I was cut and pasting. Hope you can get it.
Little Priorities

Gracehopper said...

Holy Moly! I did it! Thank you so much!


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